Aatmnirbhar ke aage... Sarvnirbhar

Made in India for the World
Building Globally Trusted Brands From India

Traditional B2B export model in India

Creating Global brands From India

Why a Brand

Current Model

  • Low Margin
  • No IP
  • Body Shop
  • Low Cost Labor Advantage
  • Not Enough Moat


  • Co-ownership Or Revenue Share
  • High Scalability
  • Higher Margin
  • End Market Expertise
  • Revenue Diversification

How can you partner with us

Standard Export Supplier

Standard export supplier to us

  • Standard economics
  • Familiar model
  • Bottom of value chain
  • No moat - fungible
  • Margin contraction

Profit Share

Get a %profit in end consumer sales

  • Standard manufacturing economics
  • Additional margin and cash flow
  • Higher ROI
  • Higher collaboration need


% equity ownership in brand

  • Longer cash conversion
  • Highest ROI and highest value
  • High moat with IP ownership
  • Revenue diversification
  • Longer cash conversion
  • Capital contribution
  • Lower upfront margin

Backed By Leading e-Commerce Experts

East Ventures

Y Combinator

Varun Alagh

Abhishek Goyal

We partner with

Home & Kitchen Manufacturers / Exporters with

Scalable Capacity

high quality

consistent standards

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