Fee Splitting Agreement Sample

As a professional, it is important to provide valuable information that users are searching for. One topic that may come up in the legal world is a “fee splitting agreement sample.” This type of agreement outlines how fees will be divided among parties in a legal case. Here is a brief overview of what a fee splitting agreement is, why it may be necessary, and what a sample agreement may look like.

What is a Fee Splitting Agreement?

A fee splitting agreement is a legal document that outlines how legal fees will be divided among parties in a case. This is typically used in situations where multiple attorneys are working on a case together. The agreement sets out the percentage of the fee that each attorney will receive, based on factors such as their level of involvement in the case, the amount of work they have done, and their experience.

Why is a Fee Splitting Agreement Necessary?

Fee splitting agreements are necessary for a few reasons. First, they ensure that all parties involved receive their fair share of the legal fees. Without an agreement, there may be disagreements or misunderstandings about how the fees will be divided. Additionally, fee splitting agreements may be necessary to comply with ethical rules and regulations for attorneys. These rules may vary by state, but generally require that fees be divided fairly and based on the work performed.

Fee Splitting Agreement Sample

Here is a sample fee splitting agreement that attorneys may use as a starting point:

Fee Splitting Agreement

This agreement sets out the terms under which legal fees will be split among the following parties, all of whom are licensed attorneys:

Attorney 1:

Percent of Fee: 50%

Description of Work: Lead counsel on the case, responsible for drafting and filing all pleadings, conducting discovery, and overseeing trial preparation.

Attorney 2:

Percent of Fee: 30%

Description of Work: Provided support to Attorney 1 throughout the case, including reviewing pleadings, conducting research, and assisting with trial preparation.

Attorney 3:

Percent of Fee: 20%

Description of Work: Provided limited support to attorneys 1 and 2, including conducting research and drafting legal memos.

The total fee for this case is estimated to be $100,000. The fees will be split as follows:

Attorney 1: $50,000

Attorney 2: $30,000

Attorney 3: $20,000

This fee splitting agreement is intended to comply with all ethical rules and regulations for attorneys in the state of [insert state].

Final Thoughts

While a fee splitting agreement may seem like a minor part of a legal case, it can be an important aspect of ensuring that all parties receive their fair share of the fees. Attorneys should consult with their colleagues and/or legal ethics regulations in their jurisdiction to ensure that any fee splitting agreement comports with their professional responsibilities as attorneys.